MACKIE'S PLACE wants to encourage, engage and equip youth who are at risk through an after-school hub/program.



While creating a platform to encourage, engage and equip the church to walk in family mentoring roles with these youth.  

So that both are impacted through relationship with a deeper revelation and need for God. Thereby, transforming our community, our churches and our lives.

Everyone asks, “Where did you get the name”? 

When it came time for us to choose a name, we began just throwing around ideas. We started by considering, “If I was a youth where would I want to tell people I was headed?”  There’s a youth hub in LA called “My Friend’s Place”.  We loved the idea of kids being able to say something casual about where they were headed.  We started throwing around last names and... Mackie just happens to have a great sound to it. It also just happens to be Bobbi-Rhea’s last name; so... it seemed that it just kind of worked. Little did we know when we named it that, God was about to really make Mackie’s Place the beginning of it all.  Over the next 2 years, God brought a single mom in dire straits and an infant baby girl to the “Mackie’s”.  This became the training ground for all of us.  And I had the privilege of watching God transform two families as they walked side by side. 



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